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What is coaching?

There are similarities between coaching and counselling - such as the belief that the answers are in the individual, and it is, therefore, client-led. Coaching differs from counselling as we set aims and objectives and work towards a desired outcome, and therefore the client always knows what they're working towards.

Coaching is about the here and now (unlike counselling, where we might go back into the past) - it's about where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. It's about helping you to learn and grow.

Coaching can help with all areas of life - relationships, work, and life goals.

—   T

I contacted Sandra because I wanted to work with someone who would help me to move forward with my career. Over several weeks she helped me to explore my strengths and weaknesses. My confidence grew and I now work in a much more satisfying job which aligns with my interests and passions.

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