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What my past clients say:

I started working with Sandra during the first lockdown. I was feeling really low and knew that I needed to talk to someone. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to as lots of businesses were closed, but I'm so fortunate that Sandra offers Walk & Talk therapy, so we were able to meet up outside for our sessions.

I had ten weekly sessions and I think I benefitted more from therapy by being outside, walking in nature, and that's something I now try to do frequently for myself as I know it's great for my mental health.

—   J

I put off looking for a counsellor for a long time, but something drew me to Sandra's service when a friend recommended her and I had a look at her website. Even so, I was still sceptical and nervous during my first session.

Sandra allowed me to take my time exploring the things that were bothering me and bit by bit I started to feel better.

I even did some creative art work during our sessions, which I never thought I would do as I'm not 'arty' at all! Talking about what I'd created with some clay really brought another dimension to our sessions and encouraged me to see things in different ways.

—   M

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